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Yourself. That’s what makes Sanford so special—and what makes me so proud to be part of this creative, inclusive community.

Here at Sanford, we value each student for who you are, what you love, and what you want to achieve. It’s this individual acceptance and support that make our school family diverse in its talents and exceptional in its achievements.

Beyond our 100% college acceptance rate, our 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio, and our demanding yet innovative academics, Sanford is truly a place to be yourself, express yourself, and challenge yourself.
  • Our safe community is made up of happy, healthy achievers who live by our Honor Code and champion each other’s successes.
  • Our outstanding college-preparatory curriculum and stellar faculty challenge students to broaden their ambitions, take risks, set higher standards, and develop lifelong habits for achievement.
  • Our award-winning arts and strong athletics programs empower students to tap into their talents and boldly pursue their own excellence with no fear of judgment.
  • Our stunning, college-like campus offers the ultimate physical space for learning, both in and out of the classroom, while fostering self-reliance and independence.

It’s why our families consistently report that their children are thriving, responding to challenges to do their best, and achieving success.

It’s why our graduates return to us year after year with tales about how they taught their dorm floor how to write a term paper or how a professor displayed their work as examples. Or even, decades later, telling us that “even after graduate school, it’s been my opinion that the most education I’ve received in life came from my time at Sanford.”

It’s why, once you’re a Sanford student, you’re always a Sanford student. And it’s why I hope that soon you, too, find yourself at Sanford.

Mark J. Anderson

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To reach Mark, send an email to: andersonm@sanfordschool.org or call 302.235.6501.

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  • Pursuing New Paths

    Last week, we celebrated the culmination of our students’ Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School journeys. As our community honored these Sanford Warriors, we also recognized that each of them will begin following new paths. While some will remain Sanford students in new divisions, others will move on to other schools or launch college or career experiences. Regardless of where they’re going or what they’re doing, all will blaze new trails.
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  • A Reminder and an Inspiration

    This winter, I received an unexpected gift in the mail. Well, maybe it wasn’t intended to be a gift, per se, but to me, it was a gift nonetheless. Former Sanford Development Director Dana Anderson, who is also an alumna parent of second-grade teacher Ann Marie Galasso '03 and Mary Pizzala '05, sent me a letter and a book she had at her home. Dana explained that the book was written by our founder, Ellen Q. Sawin, and illustrated by Ray Lewis '47. Written as a religious parable, the book is a historical retelling of the early days of our school.
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  • Jamy Haughey's Upper School Robotics class works on a project in the new Kidder Hall classroom.

    You're Invited to Visit Our Campus

    Although we have not returned to pre-pandemic guest attendance for all school events, I am thrilled to invite you to come to Sanford to watch an athletic event, experience the magic of SRTC’s Cinderella, or enjoy the outdoors during a campus walk or sledding adventure. Since the beginning of the school year, we have responded to changing conditions with initiatives designed to prevent the spread of COVID. Those measures included limiting spectators at athletic competitions and guests for school events. We understand that one of our school’s greatest attributes is a strong community that encourages connectedness and participating in Sanford experiences. Fortunately, because of declining COVID cases in Delaware and continued vigilance in following our health and safety protocols, we are gradually and confidently opening our events to more visitors.
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