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Transforming as Learners and Individuals in 5th–8th Grades

Sanford’s Middle School provides a supportive, rigorous, and respect-filled environment in which students learn and grow while being themselves. As in each of Sanford’s divisions, we challenge students at levels consistent with their current abilities and impel them to stretch themselves further. Middle School's Honor Code grows with them. With caring, committed teachers as their guides, students assume responsibility for their work, their behavior, and their community.

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  • Middle School Science Students

    Transformative years

    Our developmentally appropriate and thoughtfully planned Middle School curriculum fosters individual growth as children evolve from concrete thinkers to more abstract problem solvers—a transformation at the core of adolescent development and one that prepares them for high school.
  • Collaborate

    Learning Together

    While exploring academic subjects, athletics, music, visual arts, and personal interests, our students learn to be independent young people who trust one another, advocate for themselves and others, and enjoy being together in social situations. Every grade goes on a week-long class trip, during which students learn as much about themselves, their teachers, and one another as they do about the content they study.
  • Middle School art student

    Getting involved

    Middle schoolers possess a natural determination to make an impact, so they get the chance every day. Many of the clubs students join during their activity period are service oriented, and more than one of Sanford’s campus-wide environmental initiatives have roots in an idea that germinated in Middle School.
  • Cardboard Regatta

    Life Lessons

    Mistakes are inevitable. We help students learn from them because that is when life’s most important lessons happen. Supported and trusted, students evolve into self-assured, well-educated, confident young people who then begin to trust their own judgment and act more independently as they transition to high school and then to college and beyond.

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MS Curriculum

Class Trips

Valuable learning experiences lie at the heart of the Middle School program. Faculty-led trips allow students to gain knowledge of subject matter on a whole different level while reinforcing class unity, teamwork, and personal growth.
Students often share that these experiences are lifelong highlights, while parents reflect on their child's increased confidence and independence.

List of 4 items.

  • 5th Grade

    Fifth grade takes local day trips that are connected to their curriculum. This year, fifth grade plans to visit the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation in Ridley Creek State Park. They will learn what life was like on a colonial farm as they participate in hearth cooking, blacksmithing, spinning wool and colonial chores.

    The following day they will visit the Museum of the American Revolution and visit nearby historical landmarks in Philadelphia.

    On day three, they will visit Lenape village to learn about traditional hunting skills, pottery making, fire making, and traditional foods and cooking methods.

    The week concludes with a trip to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Students will have the opportunity to experience all the interactive exhibits in small groups and visit the planetarium.
  • 6th Grade

    Sixth grade takes local day trips that are connected to their curriculum.
  • 7th Grade

    Seventh grade students experience individual and group challenges while team building in an overnight setting.

    This year seventh graders will enjoy a week of:
    • Teambuilding
    • High ropes & “The Big Swing”
    • Archery
    • Canoeing
    • Outdoor education activities
    • Free time games (Capture the Flag, Gaga, ping pong, soccer, etc.)
    • Campfire & s'mores
  • 8th Grade

    Eighth graders travel to Washington, DC, for a week to reinforce their study of American history and science.

Words from our Parents:

"As a family who came into Sanford in the middle school years we were all quickly welcomed into the friendly community.  Sanford combines very strong academic skills, nurtures confidence in individual creativity, creates a sense of community awareness, and fosters empathy in all of their students.  We are thrilled to have discovered such a wonderful place, with such a beautiful campus that serves as an amazing backdrop for social and academic growth."
-Middle School Parent, Jenn W. 

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