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Diana Wojnisz, Alumna Parent

Our investment in a Sanford education is THE BEST MONEY we ever spent. Our daughter’s Sanford experience so prepared her for college.  If you are thinking of sending your child to Sanford, you need not ponder any longer. The best choice for a great education is Sanford.
In an effort to be judicious with our financial aid resources and support Sanford's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts which represent a core pillar in our strategic plan, Sanford is committed to making its education affordable for admitted students whenever possible.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

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  • Step 1: Complete a Parents' Financial Statement (PFS)

    The first step in applying for need-based aid is to complete the PFS and submit the required documentation. We will do our best to meet your demonstrated need within the means of Sanford's financial resources.
    • Create your PFS Online account with your email address and a password. If you applied for financial aid last year, simply login to the PFS Online as a Returning Family, using the email address and password you set up last year.
    • Begin a PFS for Academic Year 2024-25. You can log out of the PFS Online at any time, then return later to complete it
    • After you have pressed submit, you’ll be brought to a payment screen. The fee of $60 is non-refundable. Once your PFS is submitted, it cannot be withdrawn from the SSS system.
    • If your family has any extenuating circumstances not captured in the PFS (i.e. costly home repairs, medical bills, dependents other than children, etc.), please make note of those in the "Other Information" section of the application.
    To make our decision, we use the information from the PFS as a starting point. We also consider our total financial aid budget, other information we have collected, our policies and priorities, and the needs of our entire applicant pool.
  • Step 2: Submit Additional Required Documents

    After you pay for and submit your PFS, you’ll have access in the PFS Online to a section called “My Documents.” You can upload the additional documents we require there. 

    Although we prefer that you upload your documents, as it takes less processing time for your financial aid award, documents may also be mailed to SSS. Just log into the Family Portal and click on the “My Documents” tab in the upper right corner. Click the “Print Cover Sheet” link on that page to print their customized cover sheet. Please note that mailing your documents will take at least 10 days to process. You will find the regular and overnight mail addresses on the cover sheet as well.

SSS Helpline: 800.344.8328

Families seeking financial assistance should apply for admission and financial aid at the same time.

If your family does not qualify for need-based financial aid, or you do not qualify for as much as you imagined based on the Parent Financial Statement estimation, you may submit a supplementary explanation to the admission office for consideration. This supplement can be in the form of a written document or email explaining your family's circumstances, why you are not able to afford Sanford's listed tuition (or the SSS estimation), and specifying how much your family can afford to pay for the school year. To the extent that you are able to provide details of your expenses (i.e., itemized list or budget spreadsheet), Sanford will be able to more clearly consider your family's full circumstances and determined a fair tuition rate.

We want to help make Sanford a reality for our admitted families whenever possible.


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