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College Admission Starts with a Choice...and a Process

Access to a thorough college counseling program is likely a major reason families choose a college preparatory, independent school such as Sanford. Developed and proven over time, Sanford’s college counseling process
  • Reflects our school community’s shared values and approach to partnering with students and families
  • Promotes a holistic, humane, and systemic process driven by the needs of the individual student
  • Meets each student where he or she is—academically and emotionally—to work through our structured, communicative, and supportive student-based experience.
Our goal is to ensure that each student will complete the college admission process with multiple college options. For many seniors who have been accepted at several outstanding colleges, the most difficult task is to settle on a final choice.

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  • The college search: A step, not an ending

    Rather than being the culminating event of high school, the college search process is a unique and important step in each student's personal and educational journey. We support and guide our students as we facilitate the lengthy, detailed, and introspective process of discovering and selecting schools that provide appropriate fits for their personalities and their aspirations.
  • One size does not fit all

    For the same reasons we value Sanford’s richly diverse student population, we promote a varied college matriculation list that ranges from large, state-supported research universities to small, liberal arts and sciences colleges; and from highly selective and prestigious schools around the country to some of the lesser-known gems our careful research has discovered.
  • Selecting schools: Our philosophy

    We encourage students to select schools that match their learning styles and standards, value what they value, and offer opportunities and programs that fit with their interests and ambitions.

    To help students through this complex process, we:
    • Build relationships with students and their families
    • Provide the guidance, support, and information needed to navigate the current college admissions climate and complete strong applications
    • Encourage and enable students to know themselves well enough to make great individual school choices.

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  • Photo of Heather Stinson

    Heather Stinson 

    Director of College Counseling
  • Photo of Pete Williams

    Pete Williams 

    Associate Director of College Counseling

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