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The Joy of Making Music

The performing arts teachers share with students the joy of making music and performing for others. Our faculty members are talented educators, professional musicians, and accomplished directors, allowing Sanford School to offer a high-caliber program—in our state-of-the-art Geipel Center for Performing Arts—in which students experience music as both an academic discipline and an art form.

Our curriculum teaches students from Preschool through 12th grade to

  • Understand and apply musical concepts
  • Learn and apply theory and techniques
  • Appreciate a wealth of music literature
  • Perform with polish and confidence

Curriculum & Ensembles

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  • Lower School

    Our Lower School music curriculum encourages students to explore the musical world and be active participants in the music setting. Being in the music classroom helps students discover basic concepts using various musical approaches. Preschool through fourth grade attends music class two to three times during the seven day cycle to engage with singing, kinesthetic movement, playing instruments, and learning new musical games. These activities provide our students with community building strengths, learning how to perform in front of an audience, and sharing music with others in and around the community. In Fourth Grade, students are able to participate in Fourth Grade Band and/or Fourth Grade Chorus.
  • Middle School

    Students in fifth and sixth grades meet twice weekly for performing arts class. Playing instruments, singing, and moving their bodies remain essential to the program. At this level, students are ready for more difficult musical concepts and advanced techniques.
    In seventh and eighth grades, students have the option of participating in one of our music elective classes, which include:
    • Music Technology
    • History of Pop
    • Introduction to Guitar
    • Introduction to Acting and Improv.
    We eagerly invite all Middle School students to join our choir, concert band, and jazz band. Students also have the option to receive fee-based private lessons in voice or their instrument of choice.
  • Upper School

    High school-aged students must successfully complete a one semester credit in the performing arts. Choices include:
    • Concert Band
    • Concert Choir
    • Introduction to Acting
    • History of Pop
    • Music Technology
    We eagerly invite all Upper School students to join our choir, concert band, vocal ensemble, and jazz band. Students also have the option to receive fee-based private lessons in voice or their instrument of choice.

Private Music Lessons

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  • Offerings

    Sanford students study voice and specific instruments with private instructors who are leaders in the Delaware arts community as well as great educators. Non-Sanford students may also take lessons with us. Instrumental lessons start at ages that we believe are developmentally appropriate for student success, given each instrument’s demands. Lessons take place right here on Sanford’s campus on the following instruments

    •  Piano (Grades 1–12)
    •  Violin (Grades 1–12)
    •  Band Instruments (Grades 4–12)
    •  Guitar (Grades 4–12)
    •  Voice (Grades 6–12)
  • Scheduling

    Students and families work with the private teacher to schedule lessons at a time mutually agreed upon. When possible, we try to schedule during the school day.
  • Fees

    $30 (30-minute lesson)
    $45 (45-minute lesson)
    Contact Performing Arts Chair Jenn Kowalski for more information about our program, costs, private lesson faculty, or to arrange for private music instruction.

Express yourself through music!

Throughout the school day, students may participate in Sanford’s award-winning choirs and bands and take advantage of on-campus, group music instruction and fee-based private lessons.

Sanford’s music education teaches discipline, teamwork, and goal-setting; develops students’ work ethic and artistry; and helps them realize their own talents and abilities through individual and collective challenges. Our performing arts center offers spacious rehearsal rooms, dedicated practice rooms, a professional theater, a dance studio, and even a music technology lab! Let us entertain you!


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  • Photo of Jennifer Kowalski

    Jennifer Kowalski 

    Performing Arts Dept. Chair & Instructor
  • Photo of Caitlyn Derrick

    Caitlyn Derrick 

    Performing Arts Instructor
  • Photo of Clint Williams

    Clint Williams 

    Performing Arts Instructor
  • Photo of Jeff Barudin

    Jeff Barudin 

    Performing Arts Instructor

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