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School Review

Comment from Parent Satisfaction Survey

Our family has had experience at another private school prior to Sanford. Since experiencing Sanford's program, I realize that my children had been underserved in the other environment. Sanford is wonderful for its individual, nurturing approach to each student; for its innovative, multidisciplinary curriculum; for its examples of meaningful community outreach; for its outstanding faculty and staff who are a model of professionalism, kindness and enthusiasm. I often hear people in the greater Wilmington area say that the private schools are all pretty much the same, but I think they would change their minds if they understood the experience of a Sanford student.

And the survey says…

Each year we invite our parents to provide feedback about the Sanford experience through our anonymous parent satisfaction survey. The results of the survey are tabulated and analyzed by an independent research firm. We use the results to help shape our program.

We are proud to report that three-fourths of our families are very satisfied with their children’s experience at Sanford, and eight-in-ten would recommend us to others.

Our families feel their children are thriving in Sanford’s nurturing environment, responding to the challenge to do their best, and achieving success. In their own words, our families associate the following with Sanford:
  • Excellent Academics
  • Excellent Teachers
  • Sense of Community
  • Focus on the Individual
  • Supportive Environment
  • Values and Respect
  • Beautiful Campus
Some of the sentiments parents have shared in our most recent surveys are shown at the top of the page and in the boxes below.

Survey Sentiments

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