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Sanford students benefit from rigor and resources, support and structure, freedom and trust. They dig deep within and reach wide beyond themselves. Their accomplishments are tremendous, but it is the joy of this place that tells the complete Sanford story.

Our Common Goal: The Best Private School Education for Your Child

Sanford School offers every student a challenging, engaging, well-rounded, college-preparatory curriculum.
From preschool to upper school, Sanford students delve deep into core subjects and experience performing arts and visual arts, immerse themselves in world languages and cultures, and participate actively in physical education and athletics. These essential, interwoven parts of our curriculum enhance student knowledge and cultural literacy in every area.
Led by our stellar faculty, Sanford students partner in their own education. Our academic program provides each student with a voice and choice in their academic journey by:
  • Exploring their identity
  • Uncovering and developing their unique talents and abilities
  • Challenging students to set high standards for themselves and their communities
  • Impelling them to become critical thinkers and adept problem-solvers
  • Preparing them with the tools and confidence they need to be independent learners, powerful self-advocates, and effective, involved leaders. 
Expectations are high, but so is the level of care and support students receive in all divisions.
Sanford students leave us as articulate, creative, self-assured, compassionate, and responsible young people who return to tell us how well prepared they feel not just for college, but for life. Learn more about the Sanford journey in each of our divisions.

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