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An Elementary Education for Preschool–4th Grade

To succeed in school, each child must feel seen, have a purpose, and know their voice matters. This is as true for a three-year-old preschooler as it is for a ten-year-old fourth-grader. Our passionate faculty and staff commit themselves to fostering an environment where questions are more important than answers, and each child has a safe space to grow. Mastering critical academic content and essential skills build easily upon this genuine, supportive, child-centered base.

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  • A thematic approach

    Lower school anchors the primary and elementary school curriculum in a thematic approach that meaningfully incorporates each subject area. Our project-based method has students exploring and questioning, researching and writing, calculating and analyzing, working cooperatively and expressing themselves as they actively learn about interesting and engaging topics and ideas. This makes learning tangible, relevant, and meaningful. It also provides time for in-depth study, thought, conversation, and questions, out of which come true understanding.
  • Making every day "special"

    To participate in essential “specials,” students walk across campus or visit well-equipped spaces within our building. Specials teachers often integrate their content with each grade’s thematic units in the most creative and enriching ways!
  • A joyful community

    While the individual child is at the center of Lower School, we value our collective community. The Lower School rule is: respect people and property. This one rule speaks to every aspect of how we treat others and the space we share.

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