Chess: Knights of the Square Table

Grades: 2nd–8th
Time: 3:30 PM–5:00 PM
Location: Warrior cafe'
Sessions: 10 Fridays
Dates: Starts 1/25
Cost: $190.00
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This program is facilitated by the Chess Masters of Delaware. Their philosophy is to teach chess to the youth of Delaware and Pennsylvania to enhance their minds which help them make better decisions in the classroom and in life. This club learns the game from the instruction of Coach Gregory Rogers and then goes to compete in tournaments across the country.

Chess masters of Delaware is a non-profit organization that teaches children and adolescents how to play chess and the benefits of playing chess. Based on the 2010 study by Robert Ferguson," chess has a definite impact on creative and critical thinking skills (Ferguson, 1982) these skills can be applied not only to the game, but also to life. In learning chess, a child or adolescent can better approach difficult situations in the classroom, social settings and with family.

Chess has proven to build and "improve cognitive abilities" (Palm, 1990). Children that participate in chess have higher Math scores and improved standardized testing scores (Liptrap, 1997).

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