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9. Quigley Hall (College Counseling Center, Dining Hall & Warrior Café)

  • Head of School's Office
  • College Counseling Center
  • Dining Hall
  • Warrior Café
  • Flexible Classroom
The original Victorian farmhouse for Pine Glen Farm, Quigley Hall was purchased in 1929 and became the home of the Sawin Family and Sanford’s first students. Featuring unique sleeping porches, the building also housed Mother Sawin's office.

In 1936, the dining hall wing was added to the building. At that time, boarding students worked in the kitchen and served meals. In 2016, the dining hall was renovated. The Warrior Café was added as another space for our students. In 2017, the 1st and 2nd floors were renovated to include a College Counseling Center, classroom, and conference room.

In 2021, a section of the second floor was renovated to become the Head of School's Office.

Today, Quigley Hall continues to serve as a dining hall and includes the popular Warrior Café on the second level. Also, Upper School classes are regularly scheduled in the classroom and students can visit our College Counseling Center for counseling services.

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