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  • August

    The new and improved Middle School Library provides a warm, welcoming, and open space for students and teachers to work, collaborate, and create.

    Entering 2019–20 Bolder, Brighter & Stronger

    Sanford’s current strategic plan is titled Bolder, Brighter, Stronger. Those words resonate with me as we head into our new school year. We open the 2019–20 school year at Sanford in a bolder and brighter position of strength.
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  • July

    2018–2019 was a Wonderful Year

    As we approach the end of July, memories of the 2018–2019 school year are fresh in our hearts and minds. Whether we look back at Commencement and closing exercises, a phenomenal year in athletics which included two state championships, mesmerizing performing arts events, outstanding student success in academics, or the countless ways in which our community served others, 2018–2019 was a wonderful year. Before you read the remainder of this message, which features news about the upcoming school year, please take a few minutes to watch this Commencement 2019 video, created by Sanford alumnus Jordan West '18.
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  • June

    Sanford School's 2019 faculty award winners gather outside Stephen May Hall following the school's closing faculty and staff meeting. Congratulations to (from left to right) Lizzy Lancellotti, recipient of the Waterman Award for Excellence in Coaching; Elizabeth Capone, winner of the Dagenais Award for Leadership in Education; Wendy Nashed, honored with the Johns Award for Excellence in Teaching; and Candyce Pizzala, who received the Dr. Paul Donovan Award for Professional Development.

    Striving to be Exceptional

    As many of you know, my office is in Sanford Hall, which my assistant Loren Yates and I share with the Sanford admission team. Whenever possible, I try to meet prospective parents so that they can put a name and face with Sanford’s head of school. This quick exchange usually happens after each family's campus tour. I like to ask parents for their impressions of Sanford after spending 60 to 90 minutes observing our students and teachers in action. The response I hear most frequently goes something like this: “Wow, your campus is amazing! And everybody seems so nice and friendly. You can tell your people want to be here!”
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  • May

    Performing Arts Instructor Jeff Molush and a group of Upper School students rock the Geipel Center during the 2019 Warrior Showcase. Photo courtesy of Ted Rosenthal/Izmaddy Studios.

    Tradition Never Graduates

    Sanford’s Upper Schoold Dean of Students, Assistant Athletic Director, and Head Boys’ Basketball Coach Stan Waterman has a quote I love: “Tradition Never Graduates.” Of course, Stan is referring to the success of Sanford’s basketball programs, which feature teams that graduate terrific talent each year but continue to excel with new faces—through many years and even generations of Sanford students.
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  • March

    The Icing on the Cake of a Fantastic Education

    Around this time each year, college sweatshirts begin appearing throughout the Upper School. The tradition at Sanford is that students are permitted to wear a school's gear once they are admitted to that particular college or university. I’m always amazed at the variety of colleges our students submit applications to and the plethora of enrollment offers they receive.
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  • February

    Sanford alumnus and trustee Kenny Mitchell '93 speaks with this year's Leadership and Public Speaking students from his office in Chicago. Kenny is the vice president of marketing - brand content and engagement at McDonald's. After graduating from Sanford, Kenny earned his BA from Dartmouth College and his MBA from Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business.

    Pursuing One of My Greatest Passions

    Recently we wrapped up the first semester of the 2018–19 school year. As such, the elective I teach, Leadership and Public Speaking, came to a close. My time with the ten students in this elective course was such a joy, truly a highlight of my year. I thought I’d share a few thoughts and reflections about this class and the students with whom I had the pleasure to work with this semester.
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  • January

    Seniors and kindergartners process to this year's Convocation, just one of many opportunities for these

    We Are Family

    Our model of education is interesting when you stop and consider that some students spend up to 14 years of their young lives as Sanford students. When our kids say “Sanford is my home,” they mean it.
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