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Visual Arts Student & Department Honored

Visual Arts Instructor Nina Silverman-Weeks selected several works of art by Sanford students to join others from the state of Delaware—and every other state in the nation—to be exhibited at the annual National Art Education Association (NAEA) Convention, which was held in Seattle, Washington in March, 2018. Justin Lane, a fourth-grader at the time, completed a mixed-media work entitled “Leaves,” which was one of the pieces chosen for the national exhibit by Silverman-Weeks. Lane creatively and effectively used a variety of paints and painting techniques to compose his outstanding work of art.
Flash forward to September, 2018, when now fifth-grader Lane was announced as the Delaware Youth Art Month Award winner by Sargent Art, Inc., an art supply company that has a prominent presence at the national conference and at regional conferences around the country. At a recent morning meeting with his Middle School classmates and teachers in attendance, Lane was presented with a $1,000.00 check from Sargent Art, Inc. to honor his selection as being the best of Delaware as determined at this year’s convention.
Additionally, Sargent Art, Inc. has surprised and delighted the Sanford Visual Arts Department with a shipment of art supplies valued at $1,500.00. Silverman-Weeks elaborated: “The phone call from the company to inform me of this additional response to Justin’s selection as the Delaware Young Artist was totally unexpected. These supplies will certainly be appreciated by our students and their teachers. I cannot wait to share this bonanza with my colleagues.” Silverman-Weeks joins the Sanford community in thanking Sargent Art, Inc. for their support of young artists and for their generous donation to the school.

Lane joins many Sanford students in working hard to develop his talents and certainly embodies the school’s motto “No Talent Lies Latent.” Additionally, Lane embraced The P Principles, Transferable Skills for Lifelong Living & Learning that Silverman-Weeks has developed and actively practices with her students. She relates to her students through one or more skills that start with the letter “P”: Positivity, Play, Process, Possibilities, Power Down, and Present. The list has grown to over 33 words. She explained: “When relating to Justin, I saw that he needed a boost in the Positivity area. In addition to spending time helping him with his painting techniques, I also had him concentrate on thinking positive thoughts. Justin adopted the mantra that Positive thoughts produce Positive feelings. I was thrilled that he was able to use this mantra to experience personal success."

Congratulations to Justin for his exceptional accomplishment and to Mrs. Silverman-Weeks for continuing to nurture creativity and showcase her students’ work.

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