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The Icing on the Cake of a Fantastic Education

Around this time each year, college sweatshirts begin appearing throughout the Upper School. The tradition at Sanford is that students are permitted to wear a school's gear once they are admitted to that particular college or university. I’m always amazed at the variety of colleges our students submit applications to and the plethora of enrollment offers they receive.
Of course, I’ve learned over the years to not ask seniors about college choices or the process. Too often in a college-prep environment, “Where do you want to go?” comes to dominate the senior year. I’m of the opinion that there is still much life to live for seniors—here at Sanford—until the school year ends. So I leave the college counseling up to our exceptional college counseling team of Casey Zimmer and Katie Trachtenberg '06.
Casey and Katie guide and support students and parents through an ever increasingly complicated and anxiety-producing process. Parents come to tell me each year that the college counseling experience was the “icing on the cake” of a fantastic Sanford education. Casey and Katie, in true Sanford fashion, take the time to know their juniors and seniors deeply. They listen to their hopes and dreams and guide students to find their best, right fit. Like our student body, the schools where Sanford graduates matriculate is beautifully varied and diverse. With the help of thoughtful and caring experts, Sanford seniors and their parents navigate their way to their next destinations.
Sanford is fortunate to have Casey and Katie, as evidenced by the success of our program. Check out the list of schools that have accepted Sanford graduates during the past few years. I’m told that at some area high schools, parents feel the need to contract and pay outside consultants for college counseling services. At Sanford, this college counseling expertise is part of the package.
To learn more about how we help students and families, listen to Casey and Katie share their advice and perspectives on our Navigating the College Admissions Process podcast.

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