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Tradition Never Graduates

Sanford’s Upper Schoold Dean of Students, Assistant Athletic Director, and Head Boys’ Basketball Coach Stan Waterman has a quote I love: “Tradition Never Graduates.” Of course, Stan is referring to the success of Sanford’s basketball programs, which feature teams that graduate terrific talent each year but continue to excel with new faces—through many years and even generations of Sanford students.
I’ve come to see our performing arts program—which includes the Sanford Repertory Theatre Company (SRTC), our musical ensembles in all three divisions, and continually evolving productions and performances—in a similar vein. Tradition never seems to graduate from the Sanford stage, either.

Whether we’re talking about this year’s winter musical Beauty & the Beast, our upcoming spring concerts, or what promises to be an exciting fifth and sixth-grade production of Aesop's Fables Redux on May 7, Sanford’s performing arts program and performing artists are exceptional. Why?
Is it the kids we have currently happen to be talented performers? Does Sanford attract students who are already talented in the arts? Do we foster artistic talents in students from a young age? Is it the coaching and teaching we have in our Sanford ranks?
The answer, of course, to each of these questions is “yes!” Just like Sanford hoops, our performing arts program attracts students and encourages them to invest deeply. At Sanford, it is cool to be involved and engaged—either on stage or back stage.
Since we opened the Geipel Center for Performing Arts in 2016, Sanford’s already stellar performing arts program has grown with the addition of more classes and performances. Sanford students now have the opportunity to take Music Technology and Theatre/Acting. In addition, we have added new performances such as our student-driven One Act Plays (coming on May 3rd) and the Warrior Showcase talent show (shown in the photo). Our new Geipel space is an example of what is possible when the facility matches the talents and passion of our students and teachers.
I invite and encourage you to attend an upcoming concert, play, or musical. You’ll see our motto, No Talent Lies Latent, come to life…and you’ll be wowed by the many ways that our students are challenging themselves and expressing their creativity.
If you would like to learn more about the important role that performing arts plays in education and how involvement in the arts can be beneficial for all children, check out Raising the Curtain on Performing Arts, a SANFORD SPEAKS podcast, featuring Sanford faculty members Clint Williams and Jenna Knaster.

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