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Striving to be Exceptional

As many of you know, my office is in Sanford Hall, which my assistant Loren Yates and I share with the Sanford admission team. Whenever possible, I try to meet prospective parents so that they can put a name and face with Sanford’s head of school. This quick exchange usually happens after each family's campus tour. I like to ask parents for their impressions of Sanford after spending 60 to 90 minutes observing our students and teachers in action. The response I hear most frequently goes something like this: “Wow, your campus is amazing! And everybody seems so nice and friendly. You can tell your people want to be here!”
Of course, I feel proud of this reaction. These parents are keying in on what makes Sanford special: our culture, our people, and our spaces.
It does beg the question—If Sanford faculty and staff are notable for their friendliness and positivity, what is happening at other schools? It’s sad to think that it is extraordinary that Sanford teachers genuinely stand out because they enjoy working with kids and want to teach here.
While positive feedback from prospective families is important, it's also imperative that we deliver an exceptional Sanford experience to our current families. That's why we conduct a parent satisfaction survey every year.
Because we asked parents to share in-depth feedback regarding Sanford communications a few weeks before releasing the satisfaction survey, this year's parent satisfaction survey was abbreviated to measure key trends. I'm pleased to share that data from both surveys indicates that our families feel favorable about their overall experience and they are satisfied with how we communicate with them.
Check out highlights from both surveys on our 2019 Parent Feedback page.
I am fully aware that while Sanford is a great school and we are very proud of the experience our school offers, our school is not perfect. We don't hit the mark squarely each and every day; however, we want to. With our trademark growth mindset, Sanford teachers and leaders will continually strive to improve. Your input continues to be critically helpful as we learn how we can be better for our students and families. We appreciate your feedback, and as always, we plan to consider implementing appropriate changes to address your concerns.

When we return in the fall, we'll further explore school communications for Sanford families via a focus group. If you would like more information about this initiative or if you're interested in participating in the focus group, contact Cheryl Fleming at flemingc@sanfordschool.org or 302.235.6530.
As always, if would like to share your thoughts about your family's Sanford experience at any time, contact me or any member of our leadership team.

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