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Kubek Commits to Towson

Allie Kubek has been a standout student-athlete at Sanford for four years, and her talents on and off of the basketball court garnered recognition and interest from a number of Division I colleges and universities.
Recently, Allie signed a letter of intent to play for Towson University in Maryland, where she will play for Coach Richardson. Allie expects to move from her post position, where her height and competitiveness proved to be advantageous for the Sanford Warriors, to a power forward for the Towson Tigers. “I’m excited about the change in positions,” reflected Allie. “I will have the chance to work more of the court and may have more scoring opportunities. It always comes down to doing what is best for the team, and I happily play whatever position my coach assigns me.”

Allie continued: “All of the Towson coaches were very welcoming, and the team felt like family almost instantly. That’s how it is at Sanford, and I am excited to have that same feeling in college. The campus is larger than Sanford, but it also felt just right to me. As a part of the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA), I will compete against schools like the University of Delaware. The conference schools, including Towson, are close to home, which was something I wanted. My family has always been a huge support system for me, and I am happy that they will be able to continue to come to my games.”

Allie began playing basketball in elementary school for Elkton, Maryland’s Immaculate Conception team. She credits the coach of that team, Coach Rick, for teaching her the fundamentals of the game and for making her believe in herself as a player. Allie maintains that this confidence enabled her to successfully progress to AAU travel teams, first Books and Basketball (BBA) and then the Philadelphia Belles.

At Sanford, Allie has distinguished herself as a scholar, as she consistently earns honor roll status, and as a team leader on the basketball court. Her talents have not gone unnoticed, as she has been recognized at the conference and state levels for her outstanding performances. As a freshman, Allie was selected as a First Team All-Conference Player and 3rd Team All-State player. As a sophomore and junior, Allie once again earned First Team All-Conference status and Second Team All-State honors. Additionally, as a junior, Allie was also singled out as one of the top 15 North players and had the pleasure to help lead the Lady Warriors to a state championship title.

Head Coach Marcus Thompson had this to say about his player: “Allie Kubek is an invaluable piece of our program. Allie is an offensively skilled player who can score the ball in the post or from the three-point range. From a defensive perspective, Allie is even more special. She has the size of a post player yet the athleticism of a small forward, which allows her to block shots and defend the basket. Her quickness and innate ability to read where the ball is going is probably her most deadly defensive trait. This has allowed her to lead our team in steals during her tenure and has also allowed her to garner the nickname "the Big Cat." Allie is truly a special player who has worked hard and battled through injury to get where she is today. I’m so proud of her. I can’t wait to continue to see her grow as a player and as a young woman.”

Regarding her coach of the past four years, Allie shared: “I love playing for Coach Thompson. He has always been supportive of me—when I was healthy and when I was injured. He is so much more than a coach; he is my mentor. I know that Coach is always there for me—on and off the court. I appreciate how he built up my confidence and has encouraged me to take my skills to the next level.”

Allie will enter Towson with an undeclared major. Because of her love of math and science and her desire to select a career that will enable her to help others, she is considering the possibility of pursuing a speech and language therapy major. In the fall of 2020, Allie will trade her blue and gold colors for Towson’s black and gold and happily begin her career as a collegiate athlete. Until then, Allie is working hard to help the Lady Warriors defend their state champion title, with the hopes of ending her high school career with another title.

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