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Sanford Students Artwork on Exhibit

Four Sanford students, spanning all divisions, have been selected to have their artwork on display at a special exhibit sponsored by the Delaware Art Museum and several local independent schools.
Educators were encouraged by project coordinator Megan Acevedo from Tatnall School to select 2D work from the various age groups and divisions of their schools to be featured at the museum. Art Educator Nina Silverman-Weeks elaborated: “Our students created collages as their art form, and the viewer will be able to observe how basic technical skills are built upon, ending with complex concepts and advanced art-making techniques. Students from my class and those of Tara Giordano and Maria Tate will be a part of the event.”

Lexi Saubier '30, Jana Washington '26, Claire Wen '22, and Ava McCoy-Johnson '22 are representing Sanford in the exhibition, which runs until January 24th.

Ava shared: “I am so honored that my work, which is titled ‘A Falling Shadow,’ was chosen for this display. My inspiration for this piece came from a photograph of when I was younger and my beloved dog August and I were outside playing. I worked to find the steady balance of yin and yang, in which there is a dark and a light side to everyone and everything. I wanted to include raw, true elements that the earth and the nature have provided in my piece, and in doing so show how the two worlds gradually intertwine and connect to each other. I love to provide others with the opportunity to make their own assumptions and create their own views and stories behind the art that I have created.”

Second grader Lexi’s composition “Royal Selfie” incorporates aspects of a crown “I was thinking of the shiny jewels you see on crowns, and I used some of the sparkly colors to show them. I think the colors blended perfectly.” Lexi further explained: “I love art and the chance to create things. I like how you can start with something small and put it together with other small things to end up creating a masterpiece. I also like it when I get to use my imagination, and I can do that with art.”'

Jana enjoys art and appreciates the creativity it allows her to express. “I love to sketch and always have a sketchbook near me so when I see something that inspires me, I can find some way to draw it.” Regarding her collage, she named her piece “Self Portrait” and used a photo editing app to make changes to a picture of herself. “I chose to put a shadow on half of my face and cut out pictures of flowers so it would be a unique photo. I was really pleased with the outcome,” she stated. Jana concluded: “When I found out that my artwork was chosen to be shown in the DE Art Museum, I was shocked because I have never had anything of mine displayed in a museum before. I can't wait to see my artwork in the museum!”

To Claire, art is like a reliable friend who has been with her to help her through life’s challenges. She shared: “Art can always bring happiness, and by understanding and experimenting with art, our world becomes much more colorful and joyful.” Claire’s work is entitled “Classic Beauty” and was inspired by photos of classic beauties found in a magazine from the 1900’s. Because I have always been interested in classical design and modeling, I applied many of my ideas about classical characteristics into my collage.” Like her classmates, Claire is very honored to have been selected for this exhibit. She concluded: “I now have even more motivation to create more great artwork. Art is like a life tutor, always encouraging me to try new things and come out of my comfort zone.”

If your schedule allows, please do not miss the opportunity to stop by the Delaware Art Museum and see these collages for yourself. It is a great way to enjoy creativity and show the teachers and their amazingly talented students appreciation and support.

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