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Sanford Freshman Completes Eagle Scout Project

Sanford freshman Scarlett Helmecki '24 recently completed her Eagle Scout project in Sanford's Chapel Valley. For five days in October, Scarlett and a team of fellow Scouts from her troop and other local troops, adult volunteers, Sanford teachers, and friends masked up and tackled reconstructing a bridge over the stream that runs through Chapel Valley.
The wooden bridge is a key point of access to Sanford's nature trails used by students, teachers, and members of the surrounding community and was last constructed about 20 years ago. Working with Kevin Needham and Tim Parks in the Facilities department, which provided key support throughout the project, Scarlett determined a design for the new bridge and what materials she would need to construct it. In addition to demolishing the old bridge and reconstructing the new one, the team performed important conservation work by clearing debris from a stretch of the stream and removing limbs and branches from a large tree that had toppled in a summer storm. Scarlett is a founding member of Scouts BSA Troop 1923 and is on track to become one of the first female Eagle Scouts in the country this coming February.

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