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Sanford School’s Success Continues During Pandemic 

Trustees Plan for Bright Future Under Mark Anderson’s Leadership

As many schools throughout the country struggle with managing issues related to COVID-19, social justice, and uncertain futures, Sanford School’s Board of Trustees is confident that Sanford is on solid ground and positioned for continued upward trajectory. If you ask Board President Ted Dwyer why the governing body he leads is optimistic about the school’s future, he says, “The answer is simple. Mark Anderson has done an outstanding job leading the school since 2011, and we recently agreed to extend his contract through 2027. At Sanford, we have built a culture of leadership continuity, which focuses on attracting and retaining strong leaders, supporting the people who deliver our programs, and planning for the future.”
Under Anderson’s leadership, Sanford has transformed its campus and facilities, expanded and enhanced academic and extracurricular programs, increased enrollment, and achieved record-setting fundraising in its endowment and annual giving funds. Dwyer notes that while all of these accomplishments are impressive, the school’s ability to safely and effectively offer remote and in-person teaching and learning during the pandemic is a testament to Mark and his team’s leadership and the strong partnership between Mark and the board.

“When Mark came to Sanford a decade ago,” Dwyer says, “it was clear that he was committed to making Sanford a best-in-class school. Working with his leadership team, faculty, staff, and students, Mark has honored that commitment while driving our strategic priorities.”

Although Sanford has increased its focus and efforts on social justice, Anderson and the board acknowledge there is more work to do. In the past several years, Sanford has appointed a DEI director and an international student coordinator and instituted affinity groups, professional development programs, and classroom initiatives to help create a community where every student can be seen and belong as their authentic self.

Board secretary and alumni parent Kathy Nachbar has been affiliated with the college-prep school for three decades. In 1991, when she and her husband were looking at schools for their sons, they were impressed with Sanford’s diverse community and welcoming environment. As a trustee and parent of two Sanford graduates, Kathy says, “I am proud that our school continues to embrace DEI values and that we do the work necessary to maintain those core values and principles.”

Anderson, who is the parent of three Sanford students, says that his family’s experience was a significant factor in his decision to continue his career at Sanford, stating: “I am grateful for the board’s confidence, trust, and support, and I am proud of all that my colleagues and I have achieved. As a parent who wants to provide the best education he can for his children, continuing to serve the school that we all love was the right choice for me and my family.”

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