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How to Apply

Lower School

One of the things we love most about Sanford is that is a joyful place. Our two sons are greeted each day with open hearts and open arms, which we know allows them to feel fully supported in sharing their unique gifts with their peers and teachers.

Admission Process for Preschool-Grade 1:

1.  Schedule a parent tour.
2.  Complete the application (online or paper version).
3.  Request a teacher recommendation.
4.  Schedule a playgroup screening visit

Admission Process for Grades 2-4:

1.  Schedule a parent tour
2.  Complete the application - (online or paper version).
3.  Request the following documents from your child's school:
  • Teacher recommendation
  • School Official Report 
  • Report card 
4.  Schedule a student visit day.

Ask us about Sanford's Lower School

The online application automatically saves your information, so you do not have to complete the application in one sitting; you can come back to it later. Login Help? Contact Ceil Baum in the Admission office at 302.235.6503.

Rolling Decisions

The Lower, Middle and Upper School Admission Committees review completed applications on a rolling basis.

Beginning in November 2018 decisions will be communicated to families by a member of the Admission Office once the application for admission is complete (including all materials from the student's current school and admission testing).

Families are asked to reply to an offer of admission by the date specified on the enrollment agreement.

Schedule a Lower School Student Visit

Do you need help?

If you have questions or need help using the site, send an email to webhelp@sanfordschool.org.